Monday, 15 June 2015

Why Digital? Is it Important for small Business???

Why Digital??

In my last post we understand what is need of digital media.Now,It is also important to to understand Its aspect media and various part.Did you think digital media is important for the small businesses??

It is Trend that all people are converting from analog to digital.
Most of the people are spending their lots of time to various form of digital media like Mobile,Laptop,Desktop.

Lets Have a look on its different part.

1.Website Designing and Its SEO.(Search Engine Organization)
2.Search engine marketing.(Pay per click)
3.Social Media Marketing(Facebook,LinkedIn,Youtube,Pinterest)
4.Email Marketing.
5.Content Marketing.

As we all know that,Every Organization is having its own individual marketing budget out of that big companies like Automobile TATA,Hyundai etc.invest more budget in digital marketing as per customer or target audience need.

But still Small Business are engaged into traditional marketing  activities,but digital marketing is more cost effective and Target oriented as compare to traditional media then why small businesses are worried to invest in Digital media??

Digital marketing provides various way to cross-selling their products. which is need of small organizations.

Digital Marketing is having power to provide genuine customer which becomes client for small business then this clients convert into brand ambassador.of that small business.Digital Marketing creates its trustworthiness into customers mind which impacts the revenue of small business.So it  is very much important for small business to understand digital marketing trends and growth.

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