Friday, 4 December 2015

How to use LinkedIn for Lead generation??

LinkedIn is my favorite Social media for lead generation :)
Before understanding how to use linked in for lead generation lets see some facts about LinkedIn.
  1. There Are 259,000,000 users and 2100,000 groups available on LinkedIn.
  2. There are 184,000,000 unique visitors and 172,000 new sign ups per day.
  3. LinkedIn have 3x higher visitors to  lead conversion rate than twitter and  Facebook.
  4. 4. 50% offer member's more likely to purchase from company when they engage with them on LinkedIn.
I like one infographics which makes a very clear idea about the potential of LinkedIn. Following Image shows visit to lead conversion ration as compare to Facebook and Twitter.

Now a day’s all media network start charging money for increasing their  reach and getting followers because of the large amount of content developed on  this network.  Luckily, being an exception it does not happen in LinkedIn.The quality of LinkedIn traffic is very much different than other social media.As we know people who come on LinkedIn are not signed up for entertainment. Infact they are there to find career opportunity, build their brand, get knowledge about their industrial domain, etc. 

Use a linked Pulse for get more followers and traffic.
Following are some tips that will help you to drives lots of leads and traffic.

Create at least 1 post per week.

If you post 20 post per month, you will reach 60% of your targeted audience. Try this out.

Select most demanding content topic for more engagement.

There are very great tips provided by Buffer For choosing topics.
  • 60% of members are interested in industry insights.
  • 53% are interested in company news.
  • 43% are interested in new products and services.

Create a best content strategy for posting like who are our targeted audience.

which type of content they like, are we putting right content for the right audience? Do research and make an appealing content.

Use a link to another post

Post having link to other informative content able to gain 45% higher followers and engagement.

Optimize Your post for better ranking.

  •  Optimize your post by adding great and SEO optimize headline.
  • Use heading tags (H1, H2) properly make it bold and use relevant keyword.
  • Create quality and unique content by using relevant keyword.
  • Use proper tags for more visibility.
  • Insert catchy Images for more attention

Post between perfect time frame.

  •  Early Morning (7 to 8 am)
  •  Lunch time (1 to 2 pm)
  •  Early Evening (4 to 5 pm)
We know that traffic and content are growing day by day on LinkedIn. There are 300 millions user on LinkedIn and its growing at a fast pace. So the network isalready saturated and we are not the one who started marketing on LinkedIn. But if you can position yourself well and take every step with perfect research and strategy, then LinkedIn will be the best tool for lead generation :)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Top 5 benefit of social media marketing: Why social Media marketing is important for small business?

When we are talking about online media marketing social media marketing is most important media which helps to increases your reach, sale ,brand awareness and professional network. Social media marketing is more than just gaining like, sharing of your post, increasing fans, retweet and repin. But if we take every step by research, then chances of getting result is higher.
          According to mediabistro 73% of small business are using social media in last year which shows importance of social media in small business.

Following are some important benefits of social media.

1.      Exposure and Reach:-
According to forbs 94% corporate are using social media And 85 % people says It is giving a great exposure to their business.

2.      Cost Effective:-
Social media is not more expensive than other media. In fact social media can reach to the large number of targeted audience (age-group, Location etc) in very short time span and a less effort.

3.       Brand Awareness :-
Social media can increased your brand awareness as its having a huge user base. According to the research Consumers do more searches about any product or brand on social media by which 63% of consumer engaged with them if they find information about that brand.

4.       Increase Sale:-
According to the survey Socialmediatoday 71% of user more likely purchase a product from a brand or website they connected on social media. A study by hubspot revealed that social media presence can double  your sales and lead where conversion ration is 100% as compare to other media.

5.      Increase Traffic on website:-
As we all know social media marketing increases traffic to your website which helps you to increase your SEO(organic result). As more users click on blog post, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, And then redirect on your website or landing page. Google analytic can describe all referral traffic and media from where they redirects.

              If we use social media marketing by proven research and Implementing a better strategy like, Post type, Targeted Audience, Posting time, Content strategy, Latest trend, Research on popular content of competitor, It will surely increase our sale and result with minimum cost.

Monday, 7 September 2015

What is SEO; (Search Engine Optimization) How its work??.

Are you new to SEO?

Start with understanding all concepts which elaborate SEO feature in detail.
Now a days, there  are lots of people who talks about SEO, ON Page,off page their importance there costing and all.But why actually we need SEO? The reason is very simple. If you just write any search topic on Google,lets say example that you are searching for “best leather shoes ” you will find there are 8,04,00,000 websites exist on Google.

It’s because of the tough competition.In research, it is found that 94% people are using Google only by clicking on Google first page.Between them 64% of people clicks on top 3 ranking result only.So if your websiteis on 3d or 4th page, no one is going to visit your website.That’s means people are not even understand what you are offering and what are the best services you can provide them from othersTherefore, creation of your website which is not  having any online presence is not making any sense.Here,the importance of SEO comes.

What is SEO

SEO is a process of getting your traffic or potential buyers in an organic way or by free way.It helps your website to  stand out in any competition.SEO helps to get your website on top ranking on Google pages for your relevant or targeted keyword(both for your Product & services).Now , ranking of any website is depended on Google algorithm which is called”Page rank”.Page rank is decided on two most important factors which are keywords and back link. Website having great & relevant keyword which is optimized by unique content.Quality backlink  describes how the other websites trust you and how much good, they are talking about you.What Is SEO.
Therefore, SEO is called as a organic or free and, “Free always have rules”. 
We have to follow many rules which is defined by Google.
In SEO they are two types of optimization which we need to understand:

1) Onpage optimization:

Which is mostly on the website, like keywords, meta tag, meta description,content, site map and many more.

2) Off page optimization:

It contains quality back-link from different website and is very important for SEO.If you want to know more about SEO tips, kindly wait for my next blog :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How to get potential clients without spending money on marketing??


            I always think is it possible to make money from website or from social media without spending nothing???
There are lots of way by which traffic coming to your website.mainly 1.paid which include (PPC/Google adword )
and other are organic which is SEO(search engine optimization).
Now there are some simple tactic by which you can advertise your own product.

1. Communicate
You just need to communicate with all friends, family colleague .explain them what you are doing,offering, so that they can share your information with their friends, colleague and lot many connected people by social media by various network.

2. Get Local.
Use a local listing to show you are exist locally.
There are lot many people who searches for your product on local search engine and portals.
You just need to create a local listing of your product.

3. Encourage your visitor
 Encourage your visitor to share their experience,likes on social media so that they can create a referral. Reward them give a discounts,coupons and they will  become your ambassador.

4. Be social.
You need to become very social and very helpful. If you can help someone in free that will will bring more referral to you.

I will share one of the best Infographioc
which will provide you a brief idea about this process.
which is Courtesy of quicksprout team.

How to Get Customers Without Spending Any Money
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Monday, 6 July 2015

How Google Or Search engine Works??

Have you ever think or imagine how google works??

Google Is become part of our life.It is impossible to get a relevant information when we search our query in web, without google.When we need some information we entered key phrases which is called as a KEYWORD in Google,and Google provide most relevant result on the top. BUT HOW IS IT WORK???

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Two students in Stanford University's Ph.D. program,Started project and goal of that project was to make an search engine which gave each and every relevant information for every search request.
Google's name is a variation of the word "googol," which is a mathematical term for a one followed by 100 zeros. Page and Brin felt the name helped illustrate Google's monumental mission: Organizing billions of bytes of data found on the Web.[source:How stuff]

           Google uses a special algorithm for search queries.Lets see how its works.
Google created automated program called crawler or spiders.Google uses a algorithm called Pagerank. Google sorts the page by its content.when we type any keyword on google.spider start fetching a webpages and webpage fetching a links.Thousands of webpages are stored in billions of machine.There are more than hundreds of  pages and thousands of possible result..
Then how google find relevant result???

               Spiders find how many times that keyword appear in the pages URL,Title,Description ,Body.How many quality links are there.How many people are talking about that link .that's call Pagerank. Higher Pagerank is topmost result.

 Google offers many interesting feature in next section we will  see some of them.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Why Digital? Is it Important for small Business???

Why Digital??

In my last post we understand what is need of digital media.Now,It is also important to to understand Its aspect media and various part.Did you think digital media is important for the small businesses??

It is Trend that all people are converting from analog to digital.
Most of the people are spending their lots of time to various form of digital media like Mobile,Laptop,Desktop.

Lets Have a look on its different part.

1.Website Designing and Its SEO.(Search Engine Organization)
2.Search engine marketing.(Pay per click)
3.Social Media Marketing(Facebook,LinkedIn,Youtube,Pinterest)
4.Email Marketing.
5.Content Marketing.

As we all know that,Every Organization is having its own individual marketing budget out of that big companies like Automobile TATA,Hyundai etc.invest more budget in digital marketing as per customer or target audience need.

But still Small Business are engaged into traditional marketing  activities,but digital marketing is more cost effective and Target oriented as compare to traditional media then why small businesses are worried to invest in Digital media??

Digital marketing provides various way to cross-selling their products. which is need of small organizations.

Digital Marketing is having power to provide genuine customer which becomes client for small business then this clients convert into brand ambassador.of that small business.Digital Marketing creates its trustworthiness into customers mind which impacts the revenue of small business.So it  is very much important for small business to understand digital marketing trends and growth.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why Digital Marketing Is So Important

Why Digital Marketing Is So Important

Very Soon The worlds is becoming Digital.Now a days most of people read daily newspaper on their tablets and mobile.Everyone wants to access any type of information at any time and anywhere. We can generate business at any time by understanding Importance of digital marketing.we can show our product when client exactly in need of them.
We cant show our presence,Infrastructure,Positive feedback,Clientele to our targeted clients,By using traditional media.Digital media is the way where we can acquire new clients and encourage them to perform different action.
Digital media is affordable too.we can track our result our targeted area,reach,competitor actions,as well as relevancy of response.