Sunday, 11 October 2015

Top 5 benefit of social media marketing: Why social Media marketing is important for small business?

When we are talking about online media marketing social media marketing is most important media which helps to increases your reach, sale ,brand awareness and professional network. Social media marketing is more than just gaining like, sharing of your post, increasing fans, retweet and repin. But if we take every step by research, then chances of getting result is higher.
          According to mediabistro 73% of small business are using social media in last year which shows importance of social media in small business.

Following are some important benefits of social media.

1.      Exposure and Reach:-
According to forbs 94% corporate are using social media And 85 % people says It is giving a great exposure to their business.

2.      Cost Effective:-
Social media is not more expensive than other media. In fact social media can reach to the large number of targeted audience (age-group, Location etc) in very short time span and a less effort.

3.       Brand Awareness :-
Social media can increased your brand awareness as its having a huge user base. According to the research Consumers do more searches about any product or brand on social media by which 63% of consumer engaged with them if they find information about that brand.

4.       Increase Sale:-
According to the survey Socialmediatoday 71% of user more likely purchase a product from a brand or website they connected on social media. A study by hubspot revealed that social media presence can double  your sales and lead where conversion ration is 100% as compare to other media.

5.      Increase Traffic on website:-
As we all know social media marketing increases traffic to your website which helps you to increase your SEO(organic result). As more users click on blog post, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, And then redirect on your website or landing page. Google analytic can describe all referral traffic and media from where they redirects.

              If we use social media marketing by proven research and Implementing a better strategy like, Post type, Targeted Audience, Posting time, Content strategy, Latest trend, Research on popular content of competitor, It will surely increase our sale and result with minimum cost.

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