Monday, 7 September 2015

What is SEO; (Search Engine Optimization) How its work??.

Are you new to SEO?

Start with understanding all concepts which elaborate SEO feature in detail.
Now a days, there  are lots of people who talks about SEO, ON Page,off page their importance there costing and all.But why actually we need SEO? The reason is very simple. If you just write any search topic on Google,lets say example that you are searching for “best leather shoes ” you will find there are 8,04,00,000 websites exist on Google.

It’s because of the tough competition.In research, it is found that 94% people are using Google only by clicking on Google first page.Between them 64% of people clicks on top 3 ranking result only.So if your websiteis on 3d or 4th page, no one is going to visit your website.That’s means people are not even understand what you are offering and what are the best services you can provide them from othersTherefore, creation of your website which is not  having any online presence is not making any sense.Here,the importance of SEO comes.

What is SEO

SEO is a process of getting your traffic or potential buyers in an organic way or by free way.It helps your website to  stand out in any competition.SEO helps to get your website on top ranking on Google pages for your relevant or targeted keyword(both for your Product & services).Now , ranking of any website is depended on Google algorithm which is called”Page rank”.Page rank is decided on two most important factors which are keywords and back link. Website having great & relevant keyword which is optimized by unique content.Quality backlink  describes how the other websites trust you and how much good, they are talking about you.What Is SEO.
Therefore, SEO is called as a organic or free and, “Free always have rules”. 
We have to follow many rules which is defined by Google.
In SEO they are two types of optimization which we need to understand:

1) Onpage optimization:

Which is mostly on the website, like keywords, meta tag, meta description,content, site map and many more.

2) Off page optimization:

It contains quality back-link from different website and is very important for SEO.If you want to know more about SEO tips, kindly wait for my next blog :)

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